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ITEI membership

ITEI members receive exclusive privileges including:

Annual Fees: $79.00

  • $125.00 Discount on any Tea Tours offered by World Tea Tours. An ITEI member code is required and may be obtained by filling out the Contact form at the bottom of this page. When registering for an ITEI Certified Tea Sommelier and or ITEI Certified Tea Blender- Level 1 Tea course for the first time, the first year Annual membership fees are waved.
  • 5% Early registrations discount on any of ITEI tea training, tea experiences, tea events and educational tea trips conducted by ITEI
  • 5% discount on teas and tea accessories, starter kits made available to ITEI students who do not have a business
  • Access to wholesale prices for world teas and tea accessories, starter kits and group buying discounts to members with a Retailer status
  • Complimentary group dinner per ITEI Certified Tea Sommelier or ITEI Certified Tea Blender -Level 1 training
  • Help in job placement
  • ITEI Newsletters

To become an ITEI member, please complete the Contact Form found at the bottom of this page. Upon reception of your form, an invoice shall be issued and emailed. Invoices may be paid by credit card or PayPal.

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