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ITEI New World Teas Award - Hawaii 3 days Tea Study Trip - HILO, HAWAII, USA

Special Edition Price: $1,049.00 USD

Eact date to be confirmed soon (9am-5pm) - Includes discovery of 3 Hawaii tea gardens

What our students are saying

I can't tell you how good this experience was for me. This trip exceeded anything I could have expected from my previous tea tours with other schools. My perceptions on how quality tea was made were completely shaken. The various ITEI garden hubs were magnificent. This trip is forcing me to think differently. I couldn't have hoped for more. Just wanted to let you know how successful this was for me.
W. March 19, 2014

Large Field - Tea School

Woman and Tea Set - Tea School

Tea Plants - Tea School

This three days educational Tea Tour is open to all tea lovers, tea connoisseur, tea hunters, tea students or graduates.
Participants can choose to just sit in those three power days, enjoy and learn tea in the most beautiful tea venues without any further commitment.
Those who wish to continue their tea education following this tour shall be credited for completing:

ITEI Level 1 Award in World Teas


Dear tea lovers, tea enthusiasts, tea students and graduates, tea experts, tea professionals, tea consultants

While you have diligently studied to acquire tea knowledge through books, tea tastings, and study with your experienced faculty through our various program, we would like to suggest that the goal and emphasis for your evolving expertise in the Year 2015 should focus on traveling to and experience the live essence of tea in an authentic garden. As Master Tea Educators through this program, we have been committed to providing the best possible tea education and opportunities available to our students and tea lovers.

Join us for a memorable Three-day training and Tea tour in Hilo, Hawaii. Date to be announced soon, in the company of teaching faculty and student colleagues, you will visit and explore three tea gardens among the Big Island of Hawaii. All participants, tea lovers and or students be it, graduates, existing tea students from all levels will receive a hands-on education in discovering the differences and nuances in tea cultivation, manufacturing, and taste and most of all discover a new tea `Terroir` Hawaii and meet with wonderful tea growers. Detailed and irreplaceable live tea studies will advance your tea skills with analysis of tea crops, leaves, cultivar distinctions, and methods of tea plucking and processing.

At the completion of the three days training, all participants will receive the ITEI New World Teas Award/ Certificate, a great educational asset in any tea curriculum for future tea careers.

On-site 3 day hands-on tea experience agenda program

Non Refundable portion of fees above: $500.00 USD should participant cancel.

Please click on the ENROLL NOW button at the bottom of this page or write to info@itei.ca to send in your coordinates and to request an invoice.

  • Participants will experience the beauty of learning the mysteries of tea in one of Hawaii’s most magical settings; in a tea garden by the Pacific Ocean!
  • Participants will participate in local tea picking, tea processing, tea tasting and understanding the complete tea manufacturing cycle
  • Participants will be introduced to rare and exquisite Hawaiian teas and the art of the oldest tea preparing skills
  • Participants will enjoy the hands-on experience with professional tea cupping
  • Participants will benefit from all the acquired tea education and skills to help their future careers in the tea or the hospitality industry based upon their personal goals and ambitions
  • Participants may experiment with tea utensils and equipment available on site during the three-day program

Participants who wish to continue their tea education through our tutored online classes and certification programs will receive a complete set of Premium World Tea samples and a training manual based on the Certification Course that they may choose.

We encourage you to add some Aloha to your tea education & join your Teaching Faculty this spring in beautiful Hilo, Hawaii! Make your reservation now as seating is limited.

For accommodations: http://www.vrbo.com. Type in Papaikou, HI for the location to get very nice rates for one week.

The main Tea garden for your course and tea tour is less than 10 minutes drive from Hilo airport.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Man Pouring Tea - Tea School

Table and Chairs - Tea School

Onomea - Tea School

The Onomea Tea Garden

For any additional information, please fill out the Contact form by clicking on ENROLL NOW to request additional information and an invoice to be paid via PayPal or by credit card.

The right is reserved to cancel any of our training before the date, in which case the entire payments by a registrant shall be refunded with no further obligation.

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