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Food Service/ Hospitality/ Catering/ Bars/ Lounges

Category Foundation
Level 1
Tuition Fees $595
Group Rates Yes
Duration 15 Hours
2 days Onsite
Prerequisites None

4 Modules of 3.5 hours each +1 Exam
Course Hours / Schedule: Flexible schedule and venue, please inquire for more info at: info@itei.ca
Over a 2 days period, from 9:30 -5:30 PM

Includes Course Educational material, teas and basic tea accessories

MODULE 1 - 3.5 hours
• Let’s discover tea and its origins
• When did tea become a beverage?
• Tea cultivation and consumption spread to other countries
• Tea reaches Europe
• Main tea producing countries
• Tea & the “Terroir” notion
• One plant and six different types of teas and colors
• What defines tea quality?
• Seasonal vs all year long tea cultivation and harvest
• What teas are usually found in hotel restaurants, lounges,
Five Star restaurants
• Loose leaf or teabags
• Organic and Fairtrade certifications
• Tea service intro
• Tea service type
• Tea preparation and steeping general rules
• Tea utensils/ Vessels importance in making a satisfying
cup of tea
• “Faux-pas” of adding sugar, milk or lemon to tea
MODULE 2 - 3.5 hours
• What’s on the Tea Menu
• Enrich your tea vocabulary - Tea Tasting Lexicon for the Tea
• Tea Tasting basics, specific vessels & tools
• White tea manufacturing
• Taste and discover 2 white teas from China
• Chinese vs Japanese green teas manufacturing
• Taste and discover green teas from China vs green teas
from Japan
• Taste and discover Oolong teas from 2 different countries,
Green Oolongs vs Dark oolongs
• ITEI Tea Steward sphere of responsibilities
• Tea & Food pairing basics
MODULE 3- 3.5 hours
• Tea trends
• Matcha tea on the Tea Menu or at the bar?
• Matcha Tea service & requirements
• Black teas manufacturing and grades
• CTC teas vs Orthodox teas
• Taste black teas from different countries, grades and
styles incl fun blind tastings
• Puerh teas manufacturing & aging
• Comparative tasting of 2 Puerh teas (Sheng and Shou)
• Tea storage challenges and rules in the restaurants, hotel
• Tea vs Tisane on the Tea Menu/ Caffeine
• Taste 2 tisanes
• Blended teas basics
• Flavoured teas vs single origin teas incl tasting of 2
aromatized teas
• Tea cocktails/ Mixology
• ITEI Tea Steward role during an English Afternoon Tea
• Gongfu Tea service basics when offered in certain venues
• Japanese Tea service basics when offered in certain
• Tea Service Excellence

Final Exam
Closed book written exam of 30 multiple-choice questions.

During the classes, participants are invited to practice tea tastings, tea recommendations from the menu, tea service, tea & food pairing suggestions.

Upon completion of both written and practical tests,
participants receive the ITEI Tea Steward Diploma.

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