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Developed for Tea Houses / Tea Shops / Online Tea Shops

Category Intermediate
Level 2
Tuition Fees $1695
Group Rates Yes
Duration 3 Days
Format Onsite
Prerequisites Tea Knowledge

International Tea Education Institute is offering a special
educational experience for tea aficionados on the Art and
Science of Blending Teas and Tisanes. ITEI Tea Blending
Professional training consists of 3 days Onsite workshops at specific locations worldwide.

Classes are usually from 9:00 AM to
5:00 PM and extremely helpful for tea business owners.
They are conducted in the upmost professional environment
and lead by a team of tea experts, expert tea blenders,
flavouring experts, tea professionals, tea consultants, tea masters, who come with a long history of tea and tea blending
 and flavouring expertise.

Classes and workshops are dynamic involving world teas
knowledge coupled with extensive hands-on tea blending
and flavouring techniques and formulations. The training will include the following:

• Tea blending evolution and current world market demand
• What is a Tea Blender & Flavourist real expertise? How can you acquire and develop such expertise ?
• What is a traditional tea blend?
• How do you evaluate the freshness of tea and other
blending ingredients?
• What are flavours? How can they be used in tea
blending & flavouring? What type of techniques are used
and in what type of environment?
• How to use blending & flavouring professional standards and techniques with herbal and fruit teas?
• In-depth instructions and ITEI systematic tea blending
and flavouring approach
• Educating your senses when tasting blended and
aromatized teas
• The significance of our senses and how we actually
define flavours and aromas and utilise these skills when
• Understanding the various teas and ingredients synergy
and what is required to create a professional and
satisfyimg natural tea blend or a flavoured one
• Access to all the tools and raw materials to help you
create various tea and herbal tea blends based on
specific technical criterias and standards.
• Ingredients include, organic premium world teas, organic herbs, organic spices, organic flowers, organic flower petals,
• Training by some of the world’s best tea blending and
flavoring experts
• Discovering and understanding cultural tea blends

Upon successful completion of the 3 Days Workshop,
participants will be awarded the ITEI Tea Blending
Professional™ Diploma.

ITEI Tea Blending Professional™ training is ideally
recommended for those in the Retail and/or wholesale
areas of the tea industry, hospitality, tea salons, tea houses,
tea rooms, tea shops, café owners, caterers, restaurants,
searching for differentiation with signature tea blends and
those who would like to enrich their tea knowledge and
broaden their horizons with the art and science of tea
blending skills and techniques.

Prerequisite: ITEI Tea Steward™ / Tea Master, Tea
Sommelier or equivalent such as work experience in the tea
industry, tea houses, etc.

Tution Fees payment information

a) Group Discounts available upon request
b) $500.00 Non refundable Tuition deposit fees represent the initial invoice and guarantee your seat reservation for the workshops. 
c) Total Tuition fees must be paid in full 65 days prior to start date.

The right is reserved to cancel any of our trainings prior to the date, in which case the entire payments by registrant shall be refunded with no further obligation