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Question raised on some social media networks about why certification programs in tea ?

Holding a Certificate from any school does not mean that the person has sufficient and broad knowledge in that particular field, only that they passed the exams of a specific program designed and developed for a specific level of expertise in that field. So many industries prepare their professionals through various schools and career programs/certifications and the tea industry is no exception. Of course motivated people can learn and experience a lot on their own but it's also nice to know that there are wonderful schools out there that can help in a more structured way including work-based experience and guide the students when it comes to various tea careers or tea business models. School is where the experts are expected to share and pass on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation. The more sophisticated the tea industry becomes, the more tea chains, tea houses, tea rooms, etc., open up, the more structured, tea careers need to be. In today's competitive job market, being certified for a set of skills is an advantage. Sylvana. P. Levesque, Founder of International tea Education Institute (ITEI)

Infuse true knowledge and some flavour in your tea world or culinary career when you pursue professional ITEI Certification Courses, ITEI Green Leaf Award in Teas, , ITEI Blue Leaf Award in Teas and ITEI Yellow Leaf Award in Teas, ITEI Certified Tea Master and ITEI Certified Tea Blender Level 1 intensive trainings from our tea school and its worldwide affiliates starting with Laval, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. At the International Tea Education Institute, our intensive and various tea trainings and certification programs are designed for tea startups, tea houses, tea rooms, tea cafes, restaurants, tea bars, hotels, tea cafe owners and employees looking to develop and manage tea culture within the hospitality / catering industry and beyond. 

ITEI  Certification Tea Education programs

For a Tea business or simply to become an ITEI Tea Connoissoir 

Total hours for each course include both interactive online classes as well as home studies

1. ITEI Green Leaf Award in Teas  (1 day Online class)

2. ITEI Certified Tea Master   (150 hours and membership to Tea Student for Life club)

3. ITEI Certified Tea Blender - Level 1 (3 days  On-site class- Prerequisite  Course 2 above or ITEI Level 2 Award in World Teas or equivalent background)

4. ITEI New World Teas Award- Hawaii  (3 days Onsite class- Hawaii)

5. ITEI Tea Blending Online Modules 1-4


A non certification program open to all including Food & Beverage specialists: 

Tea Appreciation Classes- 2 hours Courses

ITEI Masterclass in "Sommellerie" (1 day Course) 


For the Hospitality Industry 

The total hours for each course include both interactive online classes as well as home studies

1. ITEI Green Leaf Award in Teas (1 day Onsite or Online class)

2. ITEI TEA SOMMELIER (141 hours Online)

3. ITEI Yellow Leaf Award in Teas ( 8 weeks Online class)


Specialty Tea Education Programs

The following programs are available on demand

1. ITEI Chinese Teas Series ( 4 weeks Online class) $345.00

2. ITEI Japanese Teas Series ( 4 weeks Online class) $345.00

3. ITEI Indian Teas Series ( 2 weeks Online class) $295.00

4. ITEI Taiwanese Teas Series ( 3 weeks Online class) $295.00

5. ITEI Sri Lanka Teas Series ( 2 weeks Online class) $229.00

6. ITEI Tea and the Culinary world  Series ( 3 weeks Online class) $245.00

7. ITEI Tea, chocolate and pastry Series (12 hours _2 days_Onsite class) $345.00

8. ITEI Tea and cocktails Series ( 2 days Online or Onsite class) $295.00

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