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Explore our various qualifications -  ITEI Certified Tea Master, Tea "Sommellerie" Expert or an ITEI Tea Blending Professional
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Welcome to International Tea Education Institute (ITEI) where learning the mysteries of the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, is open to all levels of interest- professionals and tea enthusiasts alike! Our proprietary teaching methods, tools, comprehensive content, and multilingual educators with extensive tea knowledge and expertise are the ideal gateway to learn world teas, "terroirs", professional tea cupping/ tasting,  the art of tea, the various tea cultures and tea etiquette, understand the tea industry, the business of tea, tea trade and the excellency of tea service in the hospitality and catering industry. International Tea Education Institute specializes in professional tea certification programs.  Courses are offered both Online and Onsite to students from around the world. Courses are at three Levels, foundation, Intermediate  and Advanced. The Institute is represented in certain countries through ITEI Accredited Tea Educators Program. Coupled with every establishment own internal, specific rules, trainings and regulations, International Tea Education Certificates make it easier for recruiting in the food / hospitality industry when looking for a proof of professional, superior tea knowledge and skills acquired by the graduate and needed for the position.

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